Sociedad de Electricidad de Guinea Ecuatorial is the national electricity company of Equatorial Guinea, responsible for generating and supplying electricity to all the country’s residential, commercial and institutional customers.


Brand strategy, Marketing & Advertising, Digital, Content and Communications

Survey: The basis of our engagement with SEGESA was to strengthen its reputation and relationship with its customers. We began the project by completing the company’s first comprehensive customer survey. Speaking with more than 4,000 subscribers gave us many marketing ideas and tons of actionable data.


Content: SEGESA needed a vehicle to communicate its values and inform customers about a wide range of topics, including energy conservation, safety and sources of electricity. Enter Torgesa, a cartoon character and official mascot of SEGESA we created and brought to life through advertising and animated videos. We also produced a number of resources, including SEGESA’s annual and code of conduct report, corporate presentations and leaflets.


Marketing & Advertising: Through direct marketing and targeted advertising – a motley combination of billboards, print ads, YouTube ads and email and SMS sendouts – SEGESA has been able to reach a target audience of national consumers and global investors more effectively. The goal of the campaign: to get wider attention about its improved service. The result is a company more in tune with the digital age and more in touch with its customers.




Website: For the website, we executed a classic corporate layout intended to convey professionalism and dependability. Adhering to SEGESA’s commitment to transparency, we strived to make the site a strong platform for news, information and resources.