Punto Azul

A regional airline with its hub in Malabo, Equatorial Guinea, Punto Azul stepped up its customer service operations with a refreshed corporate brand including an in-flight magazine, office redesign, new loyalty program and a suite of marketing materials.


Corporate identity, Digital, Content, and Advertising & Marketing.


Corporate identity: In relaunching Punto Azul, our aim was to invigorate rather than reinvent the brand. The result – through business cards, stationery and other corporate materials – was to present a better and more polished version of the same brand with which travelers are already familiar. This entire vision coalesced into a new Brand Manual defining every use of the brand, from print materials and display ads to aircraft livery and airplane napkins.


Magazine: Who said print media was a dying trade? In-flight magazines remain a durable business and a proven marketing platform for airlines. So what a treat it is for ABC to produce Punto, a quarterly publication that features all the standard fare of an inflight magazine. Through the pages of Punto, we immerse travelers in the little known wonders of West and Central Africa.


Advertising & Marketing: The priorities of the promotional drive centers on publicizing new and existing routes and capitalizing on traditional and previously unexploited marketing channels – online, social media and email and SMS marketing. Imperative to our efforts is attracting buyers to the website and delighting the traditional customer base with redesigned sales offices.


Website: Punto Azul brought in ABC to assist with a relaunch of the brand and a firm dedication to making the airline a regional stalwart. The cornerstone of our effort was a powerful website designed to drive online sales and reinforce Punto Azul’s leadership aspirations. The new website will launch soon.