Imani brings a brand new concept to the African legal industry – project based lawyers on demand.


Corporate identity, brand strategy, website, content and comunications


The legal business is one with a lot of¬†tradition behind it, and its practitioners are not always the first to embrace change. This makes Imani’s achievement all the more remarkable. The young brand approached ABC as it was creating its concept – project based lawyers on demand in Africa – and we became involved from the first steps. Today Imani offers lawyers based in South Africa and across the continent the means to work on a project-by-project basis with companies that may not be willing to pay expensive retainers, but do require high quality legal services.¬†

ABC developed a brand for Imani that reflects the fact that it is a revolutionary new firm operating in a seasoned industry. Starting with the logo, we then created Imani’s corporate materials and brochure, before setting the firm up with a website that would aim to attract clients and lawyers equally. To explain and elaborate on the Imani idea, ABC also created a mission statement-style white paper.