brings a new concept to the market – an employment portal that serves the needs of large corporations in Equatorial Guinea and Central Africa, expanding into a regional professional network.


Events, SMS and email marketing, Blog and social media, Branding strategy, Corporate materials including banners, leaflets and more.


Events: Meeting face to face is still the best way to create meaningful relationships. has created Equatorial Guinea’s first professional network, and ABC organized Equatorial Guinea’s first employment fair to help spread the word. The aim of this event was to enroll new job-seekers in the company’s service. Following the employment fair, is now hosting a series of events together with the country’s biggest employers to help job-seekers prepare for working life and gain valuable skills.




Digital: is extending its reach through a digital communications plan that uses social media, SMS messaging and a blog to keep jobseekers informed about the latest opportunities in the job market, and to make sure companies can maximize the value of its services.



Corporate Identity: worked with ABC to create marketing materials to communicate the benefits of enrolling in its employment portal. With printed materials (including leaflets and banners) geared towards both employers and jobseekers, has the tools to help bring recruiters, companies and individuals to its service.