Centurion Law Group

Pan-African corporate law conglomerate headquartered in Johannesburg, South Africa. Clients in Africa seeking counsel for their litigation and business affairs turn to Centurion for its African expertise in a wide range of practice areas, from corporate law to arbitration and commercial litigation.


Brand strategy, Marketing & Advertising, Digital, Content, Corporate Identity and Communications

Brand strategy: From the get-go, working with Centurion presented a number of tantalizing propositions: a law firm with a big African footprint, an extensive business network and even bigger aspirations. This gave us all the tools we needed to brand Centurion as the pan-African corporate law conglomerate it is today. In doing so, we deployed an all of the above marketing approach with one unifying goal: build brand awareness everywhere Centurion works and wants to work. Expanding the group’s online presence and increasing its following were vital to our cause. Within less than a year, traffic to the Centurion website had increased by 325 percent.


Advertising & Marketing: Telling the Centurion story brings to bear a powerful combination of print and online advertising, social media promotion, content and email marketing and events. The foundation for everything we do is informed by data and inspired by the boldness of a client willing to try anything.

Corporate Identity: Centurion is evolving into Africa’s leading provider of legal services and ABC has provided the corporate materials and brand imagery that Centurion uses to convey this message.

Communications: As Centurion grows, the firm generates a significant amount of news and requires a dedicated public relations effort. This includes media relations and news distribution, appearance and promotion at industry events, and an effort to engage Centurion’s staff and its legions of followers through social media and a content-packed newsletter.


Content: Centurion has emerged a tireless content generating machine, from lightweight to long form. We work daily with Centurion’s lawyers to develop multiple series of posts, articles, reports, programs and resources covering a series of relevant legal and business areas of studies. Thus was born African Energy Frontiers, the Centurion Knowledge series and the Centurion in Video series, all of them published alongside a packed calendar of press releases and other announcements.