Why the ‘About’ page matters so much

June 22, 2018

Getting to know people, businesses or brands can be challenging, but even more so when you have to do it online.

No matter how advanced technology may have become over the years, experience is still one of the major tools consumers use to make a decision about whether or not they will be supporting your content, company or brand in the future.

Whether you are a new company, an established brand changing the direction of your business or are just simply becoming more specific about the products or services you offer; the About page is a crucial component of introducing yourself. Here’s why.

• It is the first place visitors go when visiting a new website
• It is your opportunity to tell the story of your business
• If people like your story they are more likely to become consumers

It is your opportunity to tell the story of your business.

While this page is where you can speak more about the identity of the business, it is important to stick to just that. Understand that the value of this page lies not in selling your products or services but rather in personifying the brand name. Your About page should primarily answer the following questions in order to accordingly serve its function.

• Who are we?
• What do we do?
• How do we do it?
• When did we start?
• Why are we here?
• Why should we be the chosen option?

Use to this page to introduce yourself and make an impression without repeating information that can be found elsewhere on the website. Tell your story, inspire trust and let the consumer know why they should choose your company instead of the next.