Better Ways to Engage, Consistently

January 30, 2018

Inventive digital content marketing campaigns that have taken over South Africa

Growing hand in hand with massive social media uptake, in developed African markets (South Africa in particular) content marketing on digital platforms has become one of the most effective means to reach consumers and drive profitable action.

When it comes to content marketing, consistency is the key to success of the content being promoted. Because of the high speed of consumption of content from a multitude of platforms, consistency in the age of digital content marketing is essential in ensuring a successful campaign.

Whether it’s a tweet, a blog entry or a Facebook or Instagram post, consistency of the message, the frequency and amount of content published, and the ability to communicate with a brand over social channels is what keeps people interested and what reflects well.

It is the interaction with this readily available content that drives any successful digital marketing campaign. Three campaigns and companies in particular took over our timelines in 2017:

Standard Bank


Standard Bank is one of South Africa’s largest financial services groups, operating in 20 countries across Africa and around the world. Last year, Standard Bank took to Twitter to ask their 100,000+ followers #WhatsYourNext? The initiative aimed to provide financial support to youth, whether to pay off their university fees or start a business. The bank also collaborated with local artists Trevor Stuurman and The Sartists for the #SBNextibition campaign, which had the artists use Standard Bank’s Gold Card to create accessories that relate to their personalities. With such campaigns, they have managed to communicate better with a young audience through a clean and exciting message.



Samsung is the largest mobile phone maker in its home market of South Korea and the third largest in the world. In addition to mobile phones and related devices, it manufactures televisions, cameras, and electronic components.
Before and after the launch of the Galaxy S8, Samsung worked tirelessly to promote the phone using physical and digital campaigns. The Samsung community got involved by posting their selfies with a gigantic Galaxy S8 statue with the hashtag #UnboxYourPhone.


Vodacom is the leading mobile provider in South Africa, and also has operations in other African countries including Mozambique, Congo and Tanzania. It is the local arm of Vodafone’s global network, controlled now via a 65-percent shareholding. Through several simultaneous campaigns, Vodacom has a dominating social media presence, especially on Twitter. Its ongoing campaigns include #VodacomNXTLVL, #ShakeEveryDay and they are a proud sponsor of #VDJ2017, to name a few. Vodacom cleverly pairs television ads with social media campaigns, a marketing style that ensures maximum reach across the board.